Welded Security Doors vs Pop Riveted Security Doors.

Once again the question is asked why use a welded security door instead of a pop riveted one. Well i used to think there was not much between to 2 methods, but since using prowler proofs welded security doors and windows for the past few years i have realised the massive advantages of  the welded security products . Firstly there is no risk of corrosion, which on the sunshine coast is number 1 priority. The welding of joins eliminates the need for corner stakes which is where alot of the salt build up occurs. Also the security grilles are welded into the frame, so this also eliminates the need for pop rivets throughout the window and door frames. This is another area where salt will build up. These salt build up areas will often eat into the aluminium frames and end up becoming a very weak area that can be easily targeted by theives. A welded security door has been tested to be up to 10 times stronger than any riveted door. Obviously welded aluminium is going to last alot longer than any rivets that will wear and break down over time. Also the actual  door frame is thicker and we use triple locks on ALL security doors. This is the only product that you will recieve a 10 year replacement warranty on security window and door grilles.



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