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Sunshine Coast Prowler Proof Doors

The Prowler Proof Force Field offers the ultimate in security after having passed a number of tests with amazing results. After being hit with stainless steel balls, 4kg timber blocks and undergoing tests that simulate an intruder attack, Prowler Proof doors give Sunshine Coast residents unwavering protection that provides complete peace of mind.

Undergoing all six tests that are essential for Australian Standards, the Force Field passed with flying colours. These tests are quite extensive as pliers, knives and heavy force is applied to the door to see how it will perform if an intruder tries to enter the property. Not only will it withstand brutal punishment, it will ensure not even a hand can fit through to open a door or window.

To find out more about the testing process or why our products are the right fit for your property, give us a call today.

Lockwood locks a must in all security doors

Lockwood locks a must in all security doors, and must be triple locked.Lockwood locks are now installed on all East coast security screens doors as a standard item. This is a massive improvement to your security door as these locks are by far the strongest lock on the market passing ALL Australian standards.I cant believe that Most other companies are still using cheap standard locks on there security doors that cost around $25.00, some are still actually selling doors with single locks. The lockwood locks are more than double this and are now included at no extra cost. They also come with a 25 year warranty. No one comes near this. East Coast security screens are very confident when it comes to installing our security doors on the sunshine coast with triple locks from lockwood.

Lock: Lockwood 8654
Lockwood 8654 is the strongest residential hinge door security locks on the market. It’s a 3-point locking system with Kinetic Defence Keying Technology and a 25-year mechanical warranty. If security is not a priority, ForceField® is available with a 1-point lock that does not meet the Australian Standard AS 5039† for security.

The Lockwood 8654 Hinged Security Door Lock has been designed in Australia and manufactured to stringent quality specifications.

The range has been tested in accordance with AS4145.2-2008, offering exceptional performance and reliability. Incorporating Lockwood’s advanced safety and security feature, DualSelect®, the 8654 Hinged Security Door Lock is ideal for use in residential applications.

Features and Specifications of the 8654 Hinged Security Door Lock

2 stage key locking, offers safety and security for all occupants by giving a choice of selecting safety mode or secure mode when exiting the home
Turning the key to the first selection engages the safety lock, this offers security from the outside whilst allowing occupants inside to safely exit using the internal lever and snib
Turning the key to the second selection engages the secure lock, this provides internal and external security, and requires the key to unlock the door from inside and outside.
Suits left or right hand opening doors
Stainless steel hookbolt for increased security
Key locking from both sides
Inside snib locking (with key override)
Large ergonomically improved snib to assist with operation
Snib only version also available
No snib version also available
Stainless steel front end plates
Self latching with stainless steel hook deadbolt for improved security performance
Can only be locked when fully engaged with strike
Optional 3 point kits available for premium security
When 3 point kit is fitted, snib activates/operates all 3 locking points
Push on actuating bar suits above or below centreline applications
Available in a range of polyester powdercoat and plated finishes
Fits industry standard cut outs/door preparation
Retrofits Whitco Tasman Mk2 and Mk3 Locks
Zinc diecast lock mechanism and furniture
Easy installation for both new and retrofit applications
Accepts Lockwood Euro profile lazy cam cylinder
Suit standard 20mm door thickness

Sunshine coast new housing estates

It’s great to see so much new building work in our Sunshine Coast suburbs.It would be fair to say there is a new sense of consumer confidence out there in the housing market on the Sunshine Coast.Sunshine cove estate in maroochydore is kicking along nicely,and with the new harvey norman centre opening opposite,this is sure to become a very busy area for the Sunshine Coast.East coast security screens has done a number of jobs in this area ranging from 1 triple locked entry security door to complete 2 level townhouses fitted out with forcefield stainless steel security doors and security windows.
Parklakes in Bli Bli, Coolum residences,The haven Peregian springs estate are a couple more on the northern end of the Sunshine Coast that are continually growing and becoming quite big suburbs in their own right.East coast security screens on the Sunshine Coast has great job satisfaction when dealing with new home owners and builders. Completing their new home with quality security doors and windows to provide a pleasing sense of security in their home.Having a fully secured home is a must on the sunshine coast,as these new housing estates are becoming easy targets for would be thieves.
Some estates on the southern end of the sunshine coast include Brightwater estate mountain creek, which is fast becoming one of the most sort after addresses around. Bells Reach in caloundra west is another that is taking off, an extension of the bel vista estate with beautiful parks and bikeways for the family to enjoy. Creekwood meridan plains,Ridge estate mooloolah valley and Birtinya Island are just another couple of developments that are sure to keep everyone in the building industry busy.Its also great to see the Sunshine coast private hospital in birtinya coming along nicely, due for completion mid 2013.


When purchasing your security doors and windows on the sunshine coast it is very important that you get the correct warranty, and with a company that is going to back up what they say. There are alot of brands in the stainless steel security market that are happy to hand out warranty cards etc, but when it comes to an issue with there product they dont want to know about it.I have heard of all types of excuses when it comes to faulty products, a bad batch of stainless steel mesh or ” your not cleaning your security door correctly ” well if the security door is made and designed correctly cleaning it will not be an issue.This is why at East coast security screens we use Secureview ( 11YEAR WARRANTY ) and Prowler proof ( 10YEAR WARRANTY ) as my 2 security door and window brands, they are both designed correclty and both use 316 marine grade stainless steel. Oh and most importantly they both will back up on there warranty.
Prowler proof is the only security screen manufacturer in australia to offer a 10 year new for old replacement warranty. You will quite simply get a new security door or security window if your prowler proof product shows defects in workmanship or materials within 10 years from the purchased date. No ifs,no buts… no paperwork.
Thanks to the design of prowler proofs security doors and windows, the products require little maintenance. Cleaning every three months in coastal regions is all it takes. Security products that are held together by screws or rivets can require cleaning as often as every 2-4 weeks in coastal regions.

Correct Installations of Security Doors and Windows

Correct installations of security doors and security windows on the sunshine coast is the most important factor when purchasing your new security items from East Coast Security Screens. Some of the installs witnessed when replacing old screens would have to be seen to believed. Wrong screws,single lock doors,no interlock on sliding doors, or simply just using weak pop rivets are classic examples. This is why at East Coast Security Screens our main focus is security door and windows, not blinds not shutters or being a locksmith. Just security screen experts.
QBCC licensed installers and also now a member of NSSA National security screen association
A couple of things you should be aware of are :
All sliding security doors must have top and bottom rollers to prevent the door being able to be lifted up and out of the frame,this will also help the door slide beautifully. All sliding security doors must have an interlocking system at the back edge of the door to attatched it to the fixed glass door when in the locked position, and prevent it from being pulled away from the glass door at the opposite side of the lock.This must be screwed on to your door using anti tamper proof screws,pop rivets are not to be used for interlock as they are weak and can just be knocked off with a screw driver. All sliding and hinged security doors MUST be installed with a TRIPLE LOCKING SYSTEM and 5 pin double key cylinder to meet the australian standards.This prevents your door frome being pulled out at the top and bottom, and also gives the intruder 3 points of security to get through.Also there are alot of different glass door and window companies out there with lots of varried frames. Be aware that your installer knows the correct way of putting your security windows and security doors on the best and most secure way possible.If your not happy or a bit doubtful, ring the window company yourself and ask the correct way. Where possible it is best to have your security windows inside your glass window chanel, for security and it also looks more appealing. always ask the question when ordering your security screens on the sunshine coast, because most of the time there is a good reason why someones quote is very cheap.

Lack of Security Screens on New Homes

When buying your new home on the Sunshine Coast the last thing you should have to worry about is protecting it. For some builders security screens and doors are an added extra they dont want to deal with. So you end up moving in to your new home and realizing that you do not feel safe inside your beautiful property. When deciding on your new home make sure you ask if you will be getting security doors and windows as part of your new home package. If buying an existing new home than you might be lucky and have security doors and windows already installed. Which for you is great. If you do however need to purchase a house lot of security doors and windows then you will be in for a very good price. As with all full house jobs most, or all companies should be giving you a discounted price. A nice big dog in your backyard is another way of keeping out intruders on the Sunshine Coast.

Corrosion on the Sunshine Coast

Corrosion on the sunshine coast is obviously a pretty hot topic when it comes to choosing the right security doors and windows for your property. Especially with the stainless steel products. There are a few grades of stainless steel used incase you didnt know, 304 grade and 316 marine grade. 316 marine grade is the only stainless steel mesh that should be used within 50 kilometres of the coastline. I have just again quite unbelievably heard of a competitors customer having to have there security doors and window screens replaced, ( after a few months deciding  who was to blame )  being purchased just 2 years ago. Absolutely disgraceful if you ask me.  So people need to be very careful of what grade of stainless mesh you are buying, and also what method is being used to put together your security doors and windows, so that corrosion does not occur from either pop rivets, screws or simply not using 316 marine grade stainless steel.  This is another advantage of the forcefield product made by prowler proof, australias only welded security door and window.

Break and Enters on the Sunshine Coast

Break and enters on the sunshine coast are becoming more and more common in this day and age. In the last 3 months i have witnessed first hand around 10 peoples houses that have been broken into on the sunshine coast and alot of there prized possesions stolen. This is a very distressing time for these people, the invasion of privacy is what upsets them most.One of my clients was a police officer on the sunshine coast himself,they arrived home from a holiday to find the back security door ripped off,and the sliding glass door lock totally busted through, this was due to incorrect installation of the security door, and not having a triple lock on the door. It does however give East coast security screens great job satisfaction when we can come in and install security doors and windows correctly to create a secure, comfortable living environment once again. Most of these break ins occur while the residents are away holidaying, at work or some have even just popped out to the shops. They are breaking through timber doors very easily, single locked security doors or just smashing glass panels.  This is why at East coast security screens we install all our security doors with a triple locking system for maximum security. So beware of these incidents occuring, and make sure your property is fully secured when leaving for work or going on a holiday. Making sure all door openings have a triple locked security grille door installed correctly is a great start.

Welded Security Doors vs Pop Riveted Security Doors.

Once again the question is asked why use a welded security door instead of a pop riveted one. Well i used to think there was not much between to 2 methods, but since using prowler proofs welded security doors and windows for the past few years i have realised the massive advantages of  the welded security products . Firstly there is no risk of corrosion, which on the sunshine coast is number 1 priority. The welding of joins eliminates the need for corner stakes which is where alot of the salt build up occurs. Also the security grilles are welded into the frame, so this also eliminates the need for pop rivets throughout the window and door frames. This is another area where salt will build up. These salt build up areas will often eat into the aluminium frames and end up becoming a very weak area that can be easily targeted by theives. A welded security door has been tested to be up to 10 times stronger than any riveted door. Obviously welded aluminium is going to last alot longer than any rivets that will wear and break down over time. Also the actual  door frame is thicker and we use triple locks on ALL security doors. This is the only product that you will recieve a 10 year replacement warranty on security window and door grilles.