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sunshine coast security doors and windows

At East Coast Security Screens we supply and install the only welded security doors and windows on the sunshine coast. Leading the way for sunshine coast security doors and windows. Standard with our security doors is a lockwood triple lock which is the best lock on the market by a long way, be sure to ask what lock you are buying as most competitors are still using locks designed over 15 years ago to try and save money, therfore risking the highest quality available for your security door.
The Forcefield security door and window product is one of the only products to pass the AUSTRALIAN STANDARD 2331 CORROSION TEST. Living on the sunshine coast this is the first priority when it comes to a purchase for your home.

Sunshine coast security doors and windows.

Whenever two different metals interact there’s a risk of corrosion. So the fact that ForceField® is welded instead of being held together by screws or rivets makes it more corrosion-resistant than other security screens. Very few security screens have survived the Australian Standards 2331 corrosion test – MOST MANUFACTURERS ONLY TEST THERE MESH. The test is a 1,000 hour salt spray test and the ForceField® security screen survived with no visible corrosion. ForceField’s 316 marine grade stainless steel mesh has actually survived a 10,000 hour salt spray test.

Australian Standards test (AS 2331)
The test: ForceField® has been tested to the Australian Standard 2331 which requires the product to survive a 1,000 hour neutral salt spray test.This test is an accelerated corrosion process that takes place in an enclosed chamber. The spray is saltier than sea water and the temperature is maintained at
+35º C with almost 100% humidity.
The result: Passed. ForceField® is one of very few security screens that have passed the test – most manufacturers only test the mesh. ForceField’s 316 marine grade stainless steel mesh has actually survived a 10,000 hour salt spray test.
Your benefit: ForceField® is the most corrosion-resistant security screen on the market. Quite simply because it is welded instead of being held together by screws or rivets. Whenever two different metals interact there’s a risk of corrosion. This risk is eliminated in a ForceField® security screen.We also use only marine grade 316 stainless steel mesh, where as there are still products on the market that only use a low grade 304 mesh, which is not marine grade and should NOT be used on the coastal environment

security screens installations on the sunshine coast

Have you chosen a licensed installer ? Correct installations of security doors and security windows on the sunshine coast is the most important factor when purchasing your new security items from East Coast Security Screens. Some of the installs witnessed when replacing old screens would have to be seen to believed. Wrong screws,single lock doors,no interlock on sliding doors, or simply just using weak pop rivets are classic examples. This is why at East Coast Security Screens our main focus is security door and windows, not blinds not shutters or being a locksmith. Just security screen experts.
QBCC licensed installers and also now a member of NSSA National security screen association
A couple of things you should be aware of are :
All sliding security doors must have top and bottom rollers to prevent the door being able to be lifted up and out of the frame,this will also help the door slide beautifully. All sliding security doors must have an interlocking system at the back edge of the door to attatched it to the fixed glass door when in the locked position, and prevent it from being pulled away from the glass door at the opposite side of the lock.This must be screwed on to your door using anti tamper proof screws,pop rivets are not to be used for interlock as they are weak and can just be knocked off with a screw driver. All sliding and hinged security doors MUST be installed with a TRIPLE LOCKING SYSTEM and 5 pin double key cylinder to meet the australian standards.This prevents your door frome being pulled out at the top and bottom, and also gives the intruder 3 points of security to get through.Also there are alot of different glass door and window companies out there with lots of varried frames. Be aware that your installer knows the correct way of putting your security windows and security doors on the best and most secure way possible.If your not happy or a bit doubtful, ring the window company yourself and ask the correct way. Where possible it is best to have your security windows inside your glass window chanel, for security and it also looks more appealing. always ask the question when ordering your security screens on the sunshine coast, because most of the time there is a good reason why someones quote is very cheap.